Sales Execution

Demand Dynamix helps businesses align the people, processes, and technologies in the Sales Execution process to WIN new business opportunities faster and with less effort resulting in increased revenue and margins. We will work with you to define, automate, and measure sales processes with dashboards and pipeline tools. And, through improved access to critical sales metrics, you'll get the 24/7/365 visibility you need for more precise planning and forecasting. 

sales funnelSales Funnel Integration

Demand Dynamix builds custom-made sales funnels designed to accurately track and analyze the performance of your new business sales opportunities. A well-defined sales funnel will enable you to forecast revenue probability and measure performance as new business sales opportunities advance in your sales process. 

sales funnel 120113

Sales funnel management is analogous to the heart muscle pumping blood throughout the body. It is a critical and never end process required to sustain and grow. Dilligence and discipline are necessary to ensure your sales funnel is never starved or constricted by irrelevant or erroneous content.

We can:

• Build and implement content managment techniques designed to gain and feed momentum

• Assign and measure funnel stages to enable rapid, accurate, and real-time visibility

• Establish best practices process to enable consistent look and feel

• Create integration tools to move prospects from Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads and through the sales funnel to WIN status

sales funnel integration

metrics  measurementMeasurement & Metrics

Organizing data in a meaningful, measurable and consistent format is critical in ensuring success. Data bits and bytes that are aligned, synchronized and connected serve as the pixels of a masterpiece portrait. 

We can:

• Develop a process to capture and replicate measurement and metrics criteria

• Organize content to ensure optimization and ease of execution

 Design metrics to identify and capture critical inflection points of the sales process

• Create user friendly formats tailored to your specific goals and objectives

measurement  metrics

analytics  reportingReporting & Analytics

Your reporting and analytics tools are an integral component of a comprehensive platform required to reach your sales objectives. They provide the insight and outlines of strategic development to ensure sales campaigns are successful and repeatable. Data integrity is crucial. It is critical to stay vigilant when it comes to data quality. Demand Dynamix utilizes best practices and a diligence process through ongoing monitoring and validation to ensure the quality of the data that is being used is accurate and complete. Data quality management and report development is an ongoing effort to mitigate the garbage in – garbage out phenomenon that can easily cripple any sales process.

We can:

• produce reports that accurately capture and identify trends and sales cycle

• Track and measure sales campaigns to ensure resources are being optimized

 Collect, format, analyze and report meaningful results and align strategies and tactics accordingly

• Develop reports that further managements ability to increase profitability and performance

reporting  analytics

forecasting iconForecasting

Anticipating and planning according to empirical data is the epitome of forecasting accuracy. Accuracy in forecasting can only be achieved after reporting and analytical formats have been populated with measurable details that are arranged in meaningful metrics. Forecasting directly impacts demand management, operational efficiency and organizational performance.

We can:

• Create quantitative forecasting models to accurately map out results

• Develop qualitative forecasting techniques to fill a void where historical data is unavailable

• Establish time series methods as the basis of estimating future outcomes

• Design pattern recognition programs to capitalize on landing page clicks and SEO statistics

• Implement and utilize data mining and other artificial intelligence techniques to fortify and extrapolate distant outcomes


coaching iconCoaching

Peter Drucker said No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it. Our coaching techniques move our clients from early adopter to subject matter expert by building muscle memory through repeatable processes. We make training enjoyable and memorable by instilling positive reinforcement and enabling hands on the wheel and foot on the peddle simulation.

We can:

• Frame and implement client and platform specific training programs

• Design and deliver in house team focused drills and techniques to enable a smooth ramp

• Serve as in house subject matter expert for all platforms and processes used in the sales and marketing effort

• Get in the field with team members to identify and correct process or behavioral anomalies